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    The legendary city of Kathmandu was known in ancient times as the City of Glory. Its narrow streets reveal hidden temples and colorful marketplaces. Within the city is the ancient Royal Palace where the kings were crowned as late as 2001. Here, Buddhism and Hinduism exist side by side in a unique synergy found nowhere else in the world. It is a place of culture, where the modern meets the mystical and a unique history comes alive. Trekking Explore Nepal is proud to be able to offer this one-day private tour of Kathmandu. Trekking Explore Nepal picks you up in a private vehicle at your hotel and takes you on a tour of Kathmandu like no other company can do. We show you the real Kathmandu with its hidden temples and markets as well as several of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This trip includes a licensed, English speaking city guide and takes around 4 -5 hours.

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